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Part No. TTC05222J TTC05222K TTC050055 TTC05005J TTC05222L TTC05060J TTC05060K TTC05060L TTC05402J TTC05402K TTC05101J TTC05101K TTC05101L TTC05102J TTC05102K TTC05102L TTC05501J TTC05501K TTC05501L TTC05502J TTC05502K TTC05085J TTC05085K TTC05701K TTC05701L TTC05701J TTC05402L TTC05471J TTC05471K TTC05471L TTC05472J TTC05472K TTC05472L TTC05202J TTC05202K TTC05202L TTC05121K TTC05121L TTC05121J TTC05085L TTC05502L TTC05332J TTC05332K TTC05332L TTC05005K TTC05010L TTC05005L TTC05010J TTC05010K TTC05015J TTC05201J TTC05201L TTC05201K TTC05045K TTC05302K TTC05302J TTC05301L TTC05045J TTC05045L TTC05302L TTC05301K TTC05681J TTC05681L TTC05681K TTC05152J TTC05152K TTC05152L TTC05252L TTC05221K TTC05252K TTC05252J TTC05221L TTC05221J TTC05020J TTC05020L TTC05020K TTC05151K TTC05151J TTC05151L TTC05090K TTC05090J TTC05090L TTC05025K TTC05025J TTC05025L TTC05251K TTC05251L TTC05251J TTC05050J TTC05050K TTC05050L
Description Ф5 mm Disc Type for Temperature Sensing/Compensation

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For C05332 Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: C0508MRX7R7BB104
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Stock: 80044
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