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Pulse Engineering, Inc.
PULSE[Pulse A Technitrol Company]
Pulse A Technitrol Comp...
Part No. PE-0402CD1N9KTG PE-1008CM391KTT PE-1008CD222KTT PE-0805CD330KTT32.75 PE-0805CM151KTT PE-0805CD120KTT PE-0805CM060KTT PE-1210FT821KTT PE-0402CD100KTG PE-0402CD101KTG PE-0402CD110KTG PE-0402CD120KTG PE-0402CD121KTG PE-0402CD130KTG PE-0402CD150KTG PE-0402CD160KTG PE-0402CD180KTG PE-0402CD190KTG PE-0402CD1N0KTG PE-0402CD1N2KTG PE-0402CD1N8KTG PE-0402CD200KTG PE-0402CD220KTG PE-0402CD230KTG PE-0402CD240KTG PE-0402CD270KTG PE-0402CD2N0KTG PE-0402CD2N2KTG PE-0402CD2N4KTG PE-0402CD2N7KTG PE-0402CD300KTG PE-0402CD330KTG PE-0402CD360KTG PE-0402CD390KTG PE-0402CD3N3KTG PE-0402CD3N6KTG PE-0402CD3N9KTG PE-0402CD400KTG PE-0402CD430KTG PE-0402CD470KTG PE-0402CD4N3KTG PE-0402CD4N7KTG PE-0402CD510KTG PE-0402CD560KTG PE-0402CD5N1KTG PE-0402CD5N6KTG PE-0402CD680KTG PE-0402CD6N2KTG PE-0402CD6N8KTG PE-0402CD7N5KTG PE-0402CD820KTG PE-0402CD8N2KTG PE-0402CD8N7KTG PE-0402CD9N0KTG PE-0402CD9N5KTG PE-0603CD010KTT PE-0603CD030KTT PE-0603CD040KTT PE-0603CD060KTT PE-0603CD080KTT PE-0603CD100KTT PE-0603CD101KTT PE-0603CD110KTT PE-0603CD111KTT PE-0603CD120KTT PE-0603CD121KTT PE-0603CD130KTT PE-0603CD151KTT PE-0603CD160KTT PE-0603CD180KTT PE-0603CD181KTT PE-0603CD1N6KTT PE-0603CD1N8KTT PE-0603CD201KTT PE-0603CD21
Description    RF CHIP INDUCTORS

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For 4N7KTG Found Datasheets File :: 1+       Page :: | <1> |   

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Part: 4N70
Maker: N/A
Pack: TO-220
Stock: 170
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    50: $0.47
  100: $0.44
1000: $0.42


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